Bargain Books is positively overflowing with great gift solutions at the moment – no matter what the occasion, you’re sure to find something with which to charm your intended recipient. Here is a selection of our most prominently available gift items.

Gift Wrap Collections

Ah, the disregarded art of gift wrapping. Anyone who tells you that a gift is not infinitely more exciting and appreciated when it is beautifully presented is telling blatant fibs. After all, if you’re going to take the time to demonstrate affection and respect with a gift, it is just as well that said gift is also given the respect and affection it deserves, isn’t it?

Each of these beautifully designed and decidedly striking books of gift wrap is based around an appealing theme, and a good variety of themes guarantees that you can wrap your gifts with the recipient’s particular tastes and interests in mind.

Each book contains 10 sheets of gift wrap, incorporating 5 impressive designs, with matching gift tags.

Available themes include: Safari, Klimt, Art Nouveau, Impressionists, Succulents, Exotic Blooms and Happy Birthday

With our price of R129, you’d be spending just R13 per wrapped gift – which is really not a lot for that degree of thoughtful personalisation.


Piccadilly Journals

Notebooks and journals always make welcome, thoughtful gifts and in this durable and attractive range there is something for everyone. These wire-bound 200-page lined hardcover journals come in A5 and A6 sizes, and in a wide variety of bold, funky designs.

A5 – R99

A6 – R60







Adult Games or Activities

Beer Pong: R199

Learn how to play Beer Pong, the ultimate party game. Included in this set is everything you need to play, including cups, balls and game mat. Also included is a book of rules, variations and history of the game. Simply add beer to being the party!




Craft Beer Tin: R149

Explore the histories, brewing and flavours of world beers. From ale and stout to lager and IPA, there can be no doubt that when it comes to beer, there are wide variety of beers available. With the growing trend of craft breweries, each specialising in small unique batches full of character and flavour, the choice is seemingly endless.

The tin includes a 64 page book to help make that choice just that little bit easier, explaining the differences between beer types, country of origin and the brewing process.



Poker Night: R249

Learn the skills and tricks of the poker masters with this poker kit! Learn all about the different variations of the game, along with the basic rules and some tips on how to win! Including specially designed poker chips, a deck of playing cards and illustrated instructions, you have everything you need to get playing!





Office game: R149

While away those boring moments at work with Office Games, the perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues or even for yourself. Discover new ways to kill time or annoy your co-workers with a series of pranks, games and other ideas for procrastination. Use items that you can find in the stationery cupboard or even on your desk – along with the contents of this box and the included book – and put the `fun’ back into `functional office environment’.




Home activities: R199 each

In the Amazing Marbled Creations kit, author and marbling extraordinaire Amy Weir shows you how to create your own unique pieces, like marbled shoes, a phone case, a notebook, a vase and more. With hints, tips and step-by-step photography, this kit means anyone can be creative and personalise their space.

Making candles is a simple way to get creative and make beautiful pieces of décor to decorate your space. Imagine sitting back and relaxing in the warm glow of candles you’ve created, while breathing in the subtle aromas from within… this can be your reality with Create Your Own Candles.

Crochet is a wonderfully versatile, easy-to-master craft that can be used to create all sorts of interesting projects, home decor pieces and artwork. The super cute activities in this Too Cute Crochet Box Set come with detailed step-by-step instructions and plenty of tips to make the sweetest crochet plushies around!

Holistic-health enthusiasts will love practising reflexology with this awesome Reflexology kit that features our own designed reflexology socks! A great way to empower people’s bodies and minds to heal themselves through the stimulation of reflexes in the feet, hands and face, reflexology can also help release blockages in the flow of energy around the body and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.