That’s right, it’s time for another of our famous warehouse sales!

By now you’re hopefully at least a little familiar with these spectacular sales of ours, but in case you are not, here’s a little about them.

The range and value at Bargain Books is, of course, reliably great, but the Warehouse Sale offers us the opportunity to lower those prices as far as we possibly can, and to bring you even more book for your buck than usual – which, as you know, is something we are all about.

There is something special about a warehouse sale though, we’re sure you’ll agree. Perhaps it’s the sheer volume of books, perhaps it’s the slashed prices… but perhaps it is something more that. Perhaps it’s the chance to get behind the scenes a little bit – to have a more direct and immediate book-buying experience.

If you’ve not attended one before, prepare yourself for book heaven. We’re talking dozens of tables full to brimming with every kind of book you’d normally find at a Bargain Books, but cheaper. We’ll have adult books and children’s books. Fiction and nonfiction, recent bestsellers, beloved authors, popular kids’ characters, acclaimed series and much, much more. So get ready to spend the day sifting through the piles in search of your favourite topics and authors, and be prepared to find some real unexpected gems, because the Warehouse Sale is on once again and all are welcome.

Also, because we know the size of the crowds that a sale of this scale can attract, and because we want it to be as much fun for you as possible, we now have more pay points than ever before. That’s less waiting in line for you and a better experience for everyone.

Of course, it may be wise to make some space on your bookshelves before you come on down because there’s no way you’ll be leaving without an armful. Oh, and you’ll want to bring a friend to help you carry… or several friends. You know what? Bring the whole family too.

Oh, and there’ll also be coffee available… because book-buying on this scale should not be attempted without the proper fuel!

We look forward to seeing you there!