At all Bargain Books branches, love yourself first and treat yourself to a little Valentine’s Day surprise.

In books, as in romance, it’s often the most unexpected that most touches the heart. Some romance books reveal the essence of love, some explore its tribulations, some provoke a tear, and some inspire us to seek out new things. Some of them do the lot. One thing that’s true in all cases: books and love are forever entwined.

And how do you feel about blind dates? The excitement, the nervousness and anticipation; it all adds up to a complicated prospect. It’s more than many of us can take on at the moment. As are many of the pressures of Valentine’s Day. That’s why we thought we’d offer a simple, comforting alternative this year. A blind date with a book!

Instead of going through the sometimes-painful rigmarole of making the perfect Valentine’s Day plans, why not have your own date night curled up with a charming, intriguing, or steamy work of romantic fiction? Meeting a new author can be just as exciting as meeting somebody new… and let’s be real about it, they’re less likely to make a mess of things.

We’ve gone ahead and wrapped up an excellent selection of nine different romantic books for you to choose from. These are blind dates, of course, so you’ll have little more to go on than a mood-setting message. These are all chances worth taking, and we’ve made sure to include a variety of styles and premises so that you’ve all got a good chance of finding your perfect book-mate.

Here’s what you’ll have to choose from. There’s…

  • One where love, breakups, friendships, and a cherished cottage all make for the ultimate summer charade.
  • One where thermodynamics are not the only laws that govern heat.
  • One with mythical creatures, paranormal lust and badassery in equal measure.
  • One where forbidden love is the most intoxicating.
  • One that’s a historical plunge into the glitzy world of backstabbing ambition and famous unions.
  • One that’s the perfect spy thriller.
  • One that proves there’s nothing quite as suspenseful as love.
  • One where a great and passionate love is threatened by a scintillating scandal.
  • And one that’ll help you make sense of this whole love business.

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a good time – and that’s not something you can say often. So, take a chance and score yourself a cosy, pressure-free Valentine’s Day.

Happy Romance Reading!