The Wealth Money Can’t Buy By Robin Sharma

Through one of the most celebrated careers in inspirational writing, Robin Sharma has consistently helped us to unlock our innate gifts, to pursue our true callings, to get all we can out of the days we’re given, and to achieve as much greatness as is available to us – to make the very most of our lives.

Sharma is one of the world’s top leadership and personal mastery experts and, whether his lessons are illustrating the benefits of an early morning or showing the limits of a mind consumed only by wealth, his books are consistently engaging, reliably insightful and always packed with that singular expertise.

With his new book, The Wealth Money Can’t Buy, Sharma mentors us through his remarkable method for inviting true richness into your life, and keeping it there.

Somehow, to some extent, we are all aware that the feeling of abundance can exist outside of material wealth. The real question is, how do we access that feeling when we spend so much of our lives chasing financial gain and satisfying material demands? And isn’t it also true that many prosperous people experience dearth in other areas? We know, deep down, that there’s more to all of this than having the best car, the best house, the most spending power. It’s not for nothing that the Scrooge archetype exists.

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy is here to teach us all we need to know to live the richest life we can while we can. Based on principles drawn from Sharma’s “eight forms of wealth” model – growth, wellness, family, craft, money, community, adventure, and service – the straightforward system contained within uncovers the life-changing habits and truths of the truly rich and shows us how to incorporate them into our days regardless of our circumstances.

Among many other things, you’ll discover:

• how to become a “perfect moment” creator
• why your choice of mate is 90% of your joy
• the power of “The 10,000 Dinners Question”
• hidden habits of authentically wealthy people
• the brilliance of “going ghost” for a year

If you want to embody the most authentic version of yourself, to wield more creative control of your time, to find greater fulfilment… to conduct a life in rich in gifts and gloriously lacking in regrets and frustrations, this is absolutely where you should start. And while a lot of its approach is philosophical, you’ll find that The Wealth Money Can’t Buy doesn’t skimp on practical tools, and that its techniques can be implemented almost immediately.

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