Diary of a Wimpy Kid 17: Diper Overload by Jeff Kinney
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Greg Heffley and his wimpy kid diary are back at last with another hilarious new adventure… and this time, it is all about fame and glory and rock n’ roll!
As we all know, nothing ever goes wrong when you set your sights on musical stardom. You are in an impressive band, and you make awesome music… it is just a matter of time before you blow up.
Something else we all know joining in with your older brother is a piece of cake.
When Greg decides to tag along with his brother Rodrick’s incredible band, Löded Diper, he gets a major glimpse of the realities of life on the road: band members at each other’s throats, gigs where you do not get paid, late nights and endless money troubles. But Löded Diper are absolutely legends, right? The world will soon come to love them, right? Will Greg be able to help Löded Diper reach the heights for which they are grasping? Or will it all wear a bit thin?
Another unstoppably hilarious entry from the beloved series.

Spaceboy by David Walliams
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On top of all the adventure, action, mystery, shocks and laughs that you always get in a Walliams book, this one has an extra dose of galactic fascination! If you have ever wondered what really goes on beyond the sky, if you have ever looked at someone and thought, well, I am really not sure that this person actually comes from planet Earth, then this is one you will not want to miss.
It is the 1960’s in America. A time that some will tell you was simpler. A time that some will tell you was the beginning of the future. Ruth is a girl with an absolute obsession. Sure, she loves to mess around outside, climbing trees and whatnot, but the thing that she loves more than all other things is space. Capital S Space. She reads alien invasion comic books and doodles UFOs, watching those movies with the strange intergalactic creatures and the invaders from other worlds, and, most of all, she is glued to her worn out old telescope.
One night, one of those nights where she creeps out to gaze at and examine the stars, she sees something that seems ripped straight from her wildest dreams. Something blazing across the sky. Could it be a flying saucer?! It is a flying saucer! And it is on fire. It is on fire and heading straight for the cornfield.
Ruth rushes to the site of the UFO crash to help, to see, to know what the heck is going on. And there she finds a mystery that will change her entire life.
It is quick, it is thrilling, it is everything you would want from Walliams. Spaceboy is just astronomically entertaining. You might even say, it is out of this world.

The 156-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
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Quick: what is 156 divided by thirteen? That is right, twelve! This is the twelfth book in this utterly wondrous, impossible creative series! And things are just getting whackier and more stupendous. This one even manages to put a festive spin on things. (How long do you think it would take to put Christmas decorations up on 156 storeys?)
What if a sandwich maker could read your mind and just make whatever you want? How high up do you think a wishing well could be? What if you could have an entire place just for breaking world records? What if you could have your own robot-run quiz show studio? These are all possibilities gloriously explored by Andy and Terry in the thirteen new floors they have just added to their inimitable treehouse.
What if, also, let us say, you could find yourself at war with an unusually angry snowman? What if Santa loses his control of his sleigh and somehow ends up in the cloning machine. That is a whole lot of Christmas… perhaps even more than our heroic duo can manage?
Easy to read, madly inventive and always, always gleefully funny.

Amara goes to the Olympics by Ms YJ Banda
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An inspirational little story for young girls everywhere, Amara’s triumphant tale reminds us of all that no dream is too big to be followed.
Amara is small for her age. She gets sick often. She is, as people keep reminding her, just a little girl. What can she do? She gets cruelly teased for her big curly hair. Her bullies are so mean and so constant, she wonders if she will ever be free of them.
She is not about to sit back and take it. This year she is going to try out for the school Olympics and show everyone what she can do. She is not just trying out for one event. Oh no. She is trying out for every. single. one.
Can the little girl with the big hair and the even bigger dreams compete against all the others? Or is she just fooling herself?

Die Meisie met Vlerke by Jaco Jacobs
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Wilson se lewe is, net soos haar naam, ietwat buitengewoon. Sy woon saam met haar ouers in ‘n huis op wiele en moet elke paar maande na ‘n nuwe dorp trek. Dit frustreer haar baie. Amper so baie soos Errol.

Which Way to Anywhere by Cressida Cowell
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Cressida Cowell – author of the stupendous How to Train Your Dragon and The Wizards of Once series – is back with the first in a brand new anarchically thrilling, world-traversing, completely bonkers and hugely lovable series.
As far as Theo and Mabel are concerned, their stepbrother, K2 O’Hero, is about the most hopeless person on Earth. What they do not know is that K2 and his twin sister, Izzabird, have been sworn to keep their family’s secret: Magic exists. But nobody else can know.
K2, for reasons he almost does not understand, spends a lot of his time drawing maps. Maps of worlds that do not exist. Worlds with more moons than you can count. Worlds with plants that hunt animals, rivers that burn, jungles that are alive. That sort of thing. What he does not know, however, is that the worlds he draws are actually real.

When the baby sister of the family, Annipeck, is kidnapped, the other siblings turn to K2 and his unusual gift for help and guidance. Because who else can figure out how to get to the impossible world their sister has been taken to? They are going to have to learn to love each other… because you cannot fight off terrible magical beasts and relentless robot assassins all by yourself without a little teamwork.