The Thursday Murder Club is back! And this time our intrepid detectives are faced with their very favourite kind of case… one that’s tantalising, complex, famous, and a decade old.

Perhaps life ought to be quieting down for Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim. But being quiet has never really been their strong suit. Especially when a cold case is about to heat up in a major, murderous way. When Elizabeth is paid a visit by a new foe two things happen: she has to decide between becoming a killer or a victim, and a legendary unsolved murder is suddenly brought to new life.

While Elizabeth wrestles with her conscience (and tries to figure out what she’s supposed to do with a gun) the rest of the gang makes some new unlikely allies, among them fraudsters, ex-KGB operatives and an ambitious tv personality. They’re determined to solve the mystery together, of course, but this time the life of one of their own is in serious peril.

As clever, as intriguing and as enormously charming as ever, Osman here delivers a memorable addition to an already beloved series.

Happy Reading!