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In samewerking met NB-Uitgewers deel ons interessante inhoud oor kinder- en jeugboeke: uittreksels, aktiwiteite, boeklokprente én onderhoude met skrywers, vertalers en illustreerders . . .
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The Boy and the Poacher’s Moon by Pamela Newham

Billy is one of four finalists chosen in the Wild2Save competition to spend a weekend in the Kruger Park. Their hosts, Bokkie and Schalk Kriek, promise a weekend exploring the bushveld and viewing the amazing wildlife.

But on their first night they come face to face with a group of ruthless poachers and land in grave danger. Who is the mysterious boy, and the anonymous “Hornblower”? Will they help the four friends expose the villains and save the rhino?





Let’s hear from three young reviewers . . .

Gemma Holland review:

This interesting read is about Billy, who is one of four finalists chosen by Wild2Save to spend the weekend at the Kruger National Park to win a bursary to study conservation. He was quite nervous and felt awkward to   meet new people at first, but soon found a great group of friends, Surina, Vusi and Jabu. Their hosts promised a weekend full of exploring the bush, game drives and viewing the wildlife. But on the first night they land in grave danger. Will the friends stop the villains and save the animal?

This was an interesting and amazing read. It opened my eyes to what rangers do in the Kruger National Park. I loved that Pamela included words/lingo from various South African languages. It was also interesting to read the book from differing viewpoints.  I would recommend this book to read and found I could relate to the different teen characters. I have not yet visited a game reserve but after reading this I would be keen to visit the Kruger National Park.



Michael Roman review:

I enjoyed that the book had very interesting, big twists in the plot. I can definitely see the similarities between Klipspringers and this book, but there are also their own unique differences between them. I definitely recommend the book for animal lovers, or anyone really, I think many people would love the book.  The age group for this book, I would say is 10 and up. There are so many themes in the book, but I will not say them in case I spoil the book for some people. I do like how the book puts a spotlight on rhino poaching and how bad it is, but not just rhino poaching, but all poaching of endangered animals, like elephants and pangolins. It is confusing at first, but eventually you figure out that the plot is changing between one of the poacher’s perspective, one of the kid’s perspective and a game ranger’s perspective. I would say that it would have been nice to let the book have more different, dramatic events to build up to the big climax that the book has.

I did know about poaching beforehand, but I think I learnt one or two more new things. If you do buy the book it is an interesting read and all I can say is enjoy the book and have fun diving head first into the plot.


Sachin Harbhoo review:

This book is a truly exciting story of poaching. This is more than an ordinary book, the author describes everything perfectly and it feels like the events of the book had actually happened.

The characters all have their own personalities, making them all unique and special, each adding to the element of the story.

The characters banding together with the amazing description, mixed with the story makes up this seriously suspenseful book. The author has a truly eccentric and distinctive writing approach and really takes it away with the book.

“The Boy and The Poacher’s Moon” is worth reading as it brings out african culture and shows the dreadful effects of poaching and what people and what people are willing to do to stop it.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a thirst for nature, thrill and adventure.



Die Lewe Volgens Wim Vermaak deur William Oosthuizen

Wim Vermaak se lewe is onderstebo. Hy is op die punt om Graad 9 te dop, omdat sy aandag in die LO-klas afgetrek word deur ‘n meisie. Sy tweelingsussie wil opsluit deel word van Mars One sending na Mars.

Hul verstrooide ouma val vir ‘n internetslenter en dan is daar Harold, sy ma wat kuns doseer se menslike geraamte, wat die studente in opstand bring en konflik tussen sy ouers saai. Dalk is Wim se LO-taak die antwoord om dinge weer op koers te kry.

Lees ‘n uittreksel hier




William Oosthuizen, die skrywer van Die lewe volgens Wim Vermaak, gesels met Centurion Hospice oor sy nuwe boek. Die…

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In die September uitgawe gesels FAK Flink-tydskrif met William Oosthuizen oor Die lewe volgens Wim Vermaak.

Onderhoud met William Oosthuizen in Sept uitgawe van FAK Flink-tydskrif