Tackling Social Distancing and Self-Isolation with Bargain Books

With the situation as it is worldwide, the social distractions and activities in which we would usually partake are not the option that they were just a little while ago. People throughout the world are practising unprecedented levels of social distancing and self-isolation until we are all able to kick this thing and resume our typical lives. This of course leaves people wondering just what we are supposed to do with our time. Well, the happy news on that front is: Bargain Books will see you through! We have a host of available books and activities to help you and the family while away the hours in these challenging times. Check these out:



Puzzle Books

We have an extensive selection of puzzle books, including Crosswords, Wordsearches, Codebreakers, and Sudoku. It’s important to keep the mind active, and you’d be surprised how much pleasure can be derived from completing these… is there anything as beautiful as page after page of Sudoku that you have completed yourself? Stock up now and by the time normal service is resumed you’ll be a world-class puzzle whizz.


 Jigsaw Puzzles

As I hope you already know, Bargain Books has always had an extensive variety of affordable jigsaw puzzles. They’re the perfect way to transport yourself! Since we aren’t able to do much in the way of seeing new places at the moment, why not get lost in exotic locales with a beautifully designed jigsaw? We also have Jigsaw Sorters and Jigsaw Rolls available to help you keep your unfinished projects neat and organised. They’re the ideal boredom busters – I don’t think I’ve met anybody who could resist the allure of a yet unfitted piece!



Here are three of our favourites:

Mindbogglers: Himeji Castle, Japan 1000 Pieces Puzzles

Mindbogglers: Marble Temple Thailand 1000 Pieces Puzzle

Mindbogglers: 14 Hintersee Lake, Germany 1000 Pieces Puzzle


Painting 3D Wooden Puzzles

These ones are mostly for the kids, but don’t pretend that you won’t want to get involved! These simple 3D puzzles (all +/- 40 pieces) allow you to assemble and then paint you own charming wooden model.

Here are the four designs you can choose from:

3D Wooden Puzzle With Paint: Carrousel 43 Pieces Puzzle

3D Wooden Puzzle With Paint:  Peacock 40 Pieces Puzzle

3D Wooden Puzzle With Paint:   Unicorn 30 Pieces Puzzle

3D Wooden Puzzle With Paints:  Truck







And here’s what one looks like when it’s finished. Pretty darned cute, right?





Learn a New  Game or Skill

This one is a definite favourite. It particularly appeals because wouldn’t it be great to come out this strange and unfamiliar situation with a bunch of new talents to show off? And if you wonder whether you’re too old for things like magic tricks and cartoon drawing, first of all, no you’re not, and second, you can always help a younger member of your household to learn something new as a wholesome joint activity – chances are you’ll end up being the audience or the guinea pig anyway!

These lovely little kits all include the bits and pieces that you need to do the actual activity, along with a handy and concise instruction book.

Learn magic tricks and new card games (I know for a fact that absolutely everyone has looked at a deck of cards and thought “there really should be more that I can do with these”), master the basics of drawing or set out on your new journey toward champion level chess (like chess hasn’t been on your list of things to learn pretty much forever anyway).

Oh, there’s origami and dreamcatchers too… yet two more fun skills you’ve been meaning to master.


Here’s what you can choose from:

You Can Draw: Over 80 Drawings to Master

101 Cool Magic Tricks

Everything Origami

Create Your Own Dreamcatchers & Wall Hangings

Chess Masters – Chess

Card Game Set

Master Magician: Magic Kit

Magical Creatures: Drawing & Colouring Kit

Ultimate Creative Crafts


Crayons, Obviously

Yes. You’re going to need crayons. We have a few crayon and coloured pencil sets that you can choose from. While you’re at it, why not learn to make your own paper? You never know when that might come in handy. Plus, it’s really terribly satisfying. Give it a go. Be sure to pick up some colouring books too (for adults and kids), we have loads and they’ll be a godsend, promise.




And Lastly…

It doesn’t need explaining, does it?

This handy kit includes a recipe book, a shaker, a jigger, stirrers, straws and decorative umbrellas (love those).





Be kind to yourselves and each other. Stay safe, stay positive, stay busy.