Hello and welcome to our chat with @drtlaleng, author of Dr T: A Guide to Sexual Health and Pleasure. Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng, also known as Dr T is a doctor, writer, radio and TV presenter as well as an internationally renowned health activist.

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Lets get right to it:

Q1: What have you been up to during lockdown?

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A1:  I have been working constantly, both clinical work and virtually doing SRHR related advocacy work.  Some days are not as busy as others however it has been non stop. #BBchatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q2: The landscape of the world has changed in the past 3 months, do you think people’s views on sexual behaviours in relationships have changed too?

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A2: The main thing issue with COVID-19 pandemic was the unknowns regarding sexual transmission.  I have been sharing sexual health information on oral sex, penetrative sex.

There is a need to incorporate this sexual health info in the broader public health information.  1/2


Sexual health information.

Self play and self-pleasure is the safest form of sex. Use of condoms and latex squares is important.

The New York City Health issued amazing guidelines.


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Q3: Was there a moment in your life that made you want to become an advocate for sexual and reproductive rights?

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A3:  I do not remember making the decision however during medical school, I was drawn to community health and womxn’s health. The racial & gender prejudice were glaring and leading to negative outcomes. I was already advocating for individual patients #BBChatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q4: What are the biggest sexual misconceptions that you encounter on a regular basis?

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A4: It varies but the obsession with vaginal health and so called cleanliness is one that dominates, to a point where pharmac/cosmetic industry have teams working on selling products to improve ‘cleanliness’, as if by default the vagina is not. #BBChatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q5: If there is an economic division that influences how people think and feel about health, does that same division apply to views on sex too?

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A5: When dealing with access to health & timeous access to  safe abortions, for many who rely on public facilities, the injustice of a lack of access is a massive human rights issue, creating a parallel private system for those with economic means #BBChatwithDrT #DrTSexBook

A5: Sexual Pleasure and health is a human right yet access to lubricants, internal condoms, menstrual cups/tampons/pads in public spaces is rare meaning that these essential goods are only accessible to those who can buy. #BBChatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q6: If you could address the state of health and sexuality in South Africa in a single, guiding sentence, what would you say?

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A6:  There is no sexual pleasure without consent.

Consent is mandatory and ongoing.  Consent once is not consent for all future sexual contact. Relationship status does not mean sex must happen on demand by one’s partner(s).

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Q7: What, do you feel, is the most important message that you want readers to take from your book?

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A7: I hope people find affirmations regarding their body, experiences and aspirations for their own health and pleasure. I wrote it in 3 sections to have a focus and I also share my own experiences with the different topics. #BBwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q8: What is the one sexual right about which absolutely everyone needs to be clearer?

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A8: Autonomy!

The right to make decisions about one’s body. The right to self-determine. The right to be vulnerable and still be respected to make decisions. Autonomy links multiple human rights eg access to info, dignity, privacy. #BBChatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Q9: As a bold African woman – what advise can you give women out there who want to break free from traditional and cultural expectations. 

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A9: There is a cost, threats or actual violence for going against family, culture, religious & societal expectations. Being who you truly are may be safer once you leave home or are not economically dependent on others. It really depends on each person #BBchatwithDrT #DrTSexBook


Right that wraps up our questions for Dr T. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing some of your time and advise. And thank you to all of you who have joined us for a great chat and remember to pop down to your local Bargain Books store to pick up a copy of Dr T’s book for only R99!