Valentine’s Day Promotion

This Valentine’s Day, you can get four Mills and Boon titles for just R200! This is at least half the usual price!

Here’s a Valentine’s thought: what would romance be without books?
Books can, and have, explored and illuminated every facet of love from the get-go: some of them reveal its essence, some of them probe its tribulations, some of them test and redefine it… and some of them provide it in heady, steamy doses. And that’s where this promotion comes in.

Fantasy worlds, passionate desires, modern lives, reformed villains, heart-warming comforts, salacious scandals… treat yourself to everything that Mills and Boon have to offer for even less than usual.

For years and years, Mills and Boon books have supplied unabashed escapism in the form of simple, enthralling tales of romance. Sometimes this romance is forbidden, sometimes it is wholesome, sometimes it’s doomed and sometimes it’s redemptive. And most of the time, it’s really sexy.

On Valentine’s Day, of all days, why not treat yourself to an idealised, titillating and absorbing version of romance? It seems like the proper time for a happy ending, after all. It seems like the proper time too, to enjoy the gradual softening of a hardened and damaged hero as he is redeemed by love, and the self-discovery of a heroine finding her true autonomy. These are Mills and Boon staples – and they are things in which we get to believe more fully on this particular day of the year. And, given the enormous range of themes and backdrops provided by the Mills and Boon catalogue and its roster of authors, you’ll have no trouble finding the stories that really float your boat. Who knows, this could be a great chance to discover some brand new, um… preferences 🙂

They’ve been around for yonks, but how well do we actually know Mills and Boon?
Here are a few fun facts about the all-present imprint.

● Mills and Boon was founded in 1908 by the two eponymous publishers and their very first book was, you guessed it, a work of popular romance.
● They publish over seven hundred new titles each year. That is a lot of romance!
● Nora Roberts has written for them.
● As have Rosamunde Pilcher and Georgette Heyer.
● The six major series that form the Mills and Boon oeuvre are:
Modern – the ones with all the splendour, glamour, seduction and international locales.
Medical – where love collides with the intense pressures of high-stakes healthcare.
Historical – with the lords and ladies, Vikings, pirates, warriors and, of course, more lavish gowns and resplendent frock coats than you could ever remove in a hurry.
Heroes – all the romance with an added dose of adrenaline pumping danger.
True Love – the most romantic of them all, tears pretty much guaranteed.
Desire – the steamiest and most passionate of the bunch.

Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!