Heartstopper Yearbook by Alice Oseman
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Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. This joyful trip into the LGBTQ+ world of Heartstopper is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the graphic novels or Netflix TV series

The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna
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The rich, feminist, West-Africa-inspired fantasy world crafted by Forna first appeared with the first instalment in this series, The Gilded Ones. With this new entry, that world grows. In scale, in substance and in thrills.
In fighting hard to free the goddesses of Otera, Deka has already proved her mettle – has shown her world that she will not be tamed, that she will not be defined by the circumstances of her birth. But with the kingdom descending into all-out war and with a new even darker force taking hold in Otera, Deka’s real battle is only just beginning. But with her army enduring its own challenges, with her gifts changing shape and her burgeoning power defying control, Deka will have to come to greater grips with who she is. And who she is… is either the indomitable spirit that will save Otera, or the boundless flame that will destroy it all.
An epic, captivating tale… and one of the fiercest female protagonists you’ll ever encounter.

American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas
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Steamy, swoon worthy – the perfect summer read – Elena Armas improves on the romantic headiness she provided with her debut, The Spanish Love Deception.
Rosie Graham has a burning secret. She is an undercover romance novelist. No one knows this of course, but now that she’s quit her well-paid job to concentrate on writing, she has no choice but to make it work. Could be tricky though – not just because of her terrible writer’s block but also because her New York apartment is literally falling apart. Fortunately, she has a key to her best friend Lina’s apartment while she is away. On arriving there, however, she finds that her friend’s place already has someone in it: Lina’s gorgeous, hopelessly distracting cousin Lucas.
Lucas offers to let Rosie stay until she can find somewhere suitable. And then, hearing of her troubles fulfilling an upcoming deadline, he proposes something interesting: that they go on a series of experimental dates designed to jumpstart her romantic creativity. They have just six weeks though. Will it be enough? Will she? Will he?

The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake
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Six magicians. Two rivalries. One researcher. And a man who can walk through dreams. All must pick a side: do they wish to preserve the world—or destroy it? In this electric sequel to the viral sensation, The Atlas Six, the society of Alexandrians is revealed for what it is: a secret society with raw, world-changing power, headed by a man whose plans to change life as we know it are already under way. But the cost of knowledge is steep, and as the price of power demands each character choose a side, which alliances will hold, and which will see their enmity deepen?”

First To Die at the End by Adam Silvera
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Orion and Valentino cross paths in Times Square and immediately feel a deep connection. But when the first round of End Day calls goes out, their lives are changed forever—one of them receives a call, and the other doesn’t. Though neither boy is certain how the day will end, they know they want to spend it together…even if that means their goodbye will be heart-breaking.

It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover
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As surely everyone knows by now, Colleen Hoover recently rocketed to writer stardom thanks in large part to her book It Ends with Us. But there is more to the story. With this new release, It Starts with Us, Hoover brings us the backstory – in all its glorious and beautiful mess and romance – of beloved fan-favourite, Atlas Corrigan.
Following their breakup, Lily and her ex, Ryle, have settled into an acceptable co-parenting arrangement. Things are quickly shaken up, however, when Lily runs into her first love, Atlas. Her excitement is difficult to contain, and the two quickly agree to a date. But the thing is, Ryle is still a part of her life and there’s no way that he will welcome an old flame into things – especially where their daughter is concerned. This could get messy. But this is how it starts.