One way to guarantee a good Christmas for the little’uns is to have them unwrapping a veritable treasure trove of stories and pictures. And if that’s what you’ll be giving them this Christmas, and it absolutely should be, why not make sure that those stories and pictures are packed with local flavour? Here are some local children’s books positively bound to delight, inform and captivate your intended recipient.


We Are One – Refiloe Moahloli

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Also Available in Afrikaans and Zulu

Let’s start with the best and most beautiful first.

In these days of complicated and necessary identity debate, Refiloe Moahloli is back with another book that teaches kids the beauty of diversity, differences and similarities.

At its heart, We Are One is a lyrical illustration of Ubuntu principles. In case we have forgotten (and it seems like we forget fairly often), Ubuntu is a philosophy that stresses humanity – especially the kindness and acceptance that should emerge from the fact that we are all, indisputably, human. Which is a concept so perfectly Christmassy that it really needs spreading.

The word itself can be translated as “humanity toward others”, “I am because we are” and, of course, We Are One.

It’s not a difficult concept to grasp… goodness knows that children have far more aptitude for it than do we. Which is why We Are One is an essential addition to every kid’s library.

We all eat different things and have different customs, we speak different languages and talk in different ways, we dress differently, look distinct from each other and have just as many ways to be unique as we do to be united.

Utilising the vibrant and comforting illustrations of Zinelda McDonald (just look at that gorgeous cover), these are the truths that Refiloe Moahloli brings to simple but effective life.


Melo’s Kingdom – Thuli Madonsela

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An African bush adventure like no other, Melo’s Kingdom takes little readers deep into the world of animal friendship.

Examining and encouraging important values like respect, honesty, courage, teamwork and kindness, Melo and her most treasured animal friends bring us simple, relatable stories that combine biblical principles, African proverbs and universal wisdom.

The book also includes questions that gauge comprehension and prompt important parental discussions.

Vibrant, educational and jam-packed with valuable lessons.



Mpumi’s Magic Beads – Lebohang Masango

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Also Available in Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

Hair plays a big part in how we form our identities. In fact, celebrations of African hair have become a sub-genre in their own right. So it makes sense that we should be bringing this important factor to our children when it is most important. And thanks to the various translations of this book (and the bargain price, of course), we can spread this message far and wide.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Mpumi’s Magic Beads is mainly about fun! Oh, and also beads. Sparkly, jangly, awesome beads that just so happen to have the power to transform an ordinary Jo’burg school day into the adventure of a lifetime. How do they do it? Well, you’ll just have to ask Mpumi and her friends.



Mpumi and Jabu’s Magic Day – Lebohang Masango

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Also Available in Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

That’s right! Mpumi’s magical and multilingual adventures don’t stop with her beads.

When Mpumi and co. meet Jabu, a young deaf person, they come across a little difficult introducing themselves. Until, that is, they quickly learn that there’s a whole language they can speak just using their hands! And soon they and their new friend are having heaps of fun at the playground, and expanding their world while they are at it.

This book is the perfect way to introduce kids from all over to the Sign Language Alphabet, to teach them about the hearing impaired and to let them know that communication – and friendship – takes many different forms.


Multilingual ABC – Nicolaas Maritz

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Okay, just check out that awesome meerkat… (they really do sit like that, you know).

With this jolly, alluringly bold little book Nicolaas Maritz simultaneously introduces readers to the wildlife of Southern Africa and the various names that are used to describe them by different people.

With SA (and the world) becoming increasingly multilingual it has never been a better idea to let younger kids discover the value of communication, the diversity of language and the sheer joy of knowing the name of things in the many different tongues.





Luna and the Astronaut of the Mind – Garth Newman and Yumna Sadan

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Another book that introduces some important ideas, Luna and the Astronaut of the Mind began with a simple question: “what is a psychologist?” This simple enquiry prompted author Garth Newman to remark in reply that he is an astronaut of the mind. Which is as good a definition as you are likely to find.

Through an intergalactic journey, Luna introduces younger readers to the most essential precepts of mental health, gently looking into topics like depression and anxiety while also explaining the therapeutic process and why people choose to embark upon it. This is weighty stuff, but with its fun styling and adventurous presentation, this book makes some of this era’s most defining topics accessible to all.


Kantiga Finds the Perfect Name – Mabel Mnensa

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Also Available in Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

So what’s in a name folks? There are those who argue that your name goes on to shape what you become. Either way, if you don’t like the name you’ve been lumped with, things than be bother.

Kantiga doesn’t like her name. She’s a beautiful little girl with a big heart and a curious nature… but she doesn’t like her name. When her Gogo hears Kantiga say this, she recounts the fable of the magical clay pot – a pot which initially appears to be useless because of its one defect, but turns out to be magical specifically because of its defect.

Inspired by African folklore and illustrated in stunning colour Kantiga’s story begins with a little unhappiness and ends with a big, beautiful lesson.



Happy Holidays Everyone!