It’s a heck of wrench, isn’t it, getting back into school-mode after so much carefree festive fun time? Not only that, it can be frightening too. You’re starting a new grade, there’s a lot more to learn, and all sorts of things have the potential to be “different” in that vague and uneasy sort of way. Well, no doubt you’ll agree, one of the keys to being okay with all of this is to be prepared. Having some great study guides at your side means that’ll have the support you need far before it’s time to actually start panicking. So, go into the new school year ready to face new challenges with some of these:


Ace it! Study Guides

  • For grades 8-12.
  • For every major high school subject.
  • English and Afrikaans.
  • IEB and CAPS
  • Easy to use.
  • Sample questions.
  • Supportive of many learning styles.
  • Available at Bargain Books for R132 each.


Ace it! study guides are all created with the knowledge that although the subjects and the exams stay mostly the same across the country, different learner’s learn in different ways. Although they are geared mostly toward exam revision, there’s no reason not to include them among your typical study materials as you’ll find that they will often explain things more clearly than other sources. Since many of the authors at Ace it! are teachers, the guides have a particular knack for helping you quickly get to grips with the major (often complicated) concepts that make up each subject. Their blog also has some handy tips you might find useful:


X-Kit Achieve!

  • Grades 8-12.
  • Every major high school subject.
  • CAPS
  • English and Afrikaans.
  • Simple, straight forward, eye-catching.
  • Separate workbooks, exam practice, study guides, reference books.
  • Specific books for prescribed literature (plays, novels, etc.)
  • Average price at Bargain Books R120 – varies depending on the kind of guide.


X-Kit Achieve! have a pretty massive catalogue. As well as study and revision guides for all the big subjects, you can also get ones that focus on specific set texts for English Literature, smaller books that are specifically for exam practice, bigger books that function as a reference and workbooks for more hands-on learners. This means that you can use X-kits for very specific assistance (if you are struggling to make sense of The Crucible for example), or you can have them on hand as a full back-up to the materials you’re already being given. They also have a very cool website with plenty of support, and they have an app too.


Then, of course, you’ll want a diary so that you can keep track of everything – especially if you are embarking on a new high school career. Here are some fun designs you can find at Bargain Books (along with plenty more). These are R70 each.




Happy Learning!