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Believe it or not, and it really does seem like a distant memory now, there actually was a time when Japanese graphic artforms did not constitute an enormous and fantastically diverse segment of popular culture outside of Japan. There was even a time when such things were considered nerdy. Not anymore! Anime and Manga are beloved by a huge international community made up of just about every kind of person. Which is why we thought it would be a good idea to get in on the fun and share the love!

What’s the Deal with Manga?

Now, we know that many of you reading this will be familiar with everything that manga has to offer. We’ve been serving lovers of the form across our 86 stores in South Africa for some time already. But you know that we love sharing new things with you folks, so for those of you who are unfamiliar here are the basics.

 Manga is a form of graphic storytelling that originated in Japan and began to reach greater audiences following WWII. In the 80s, it became somewhat synonymous with Otaku – which roughly means “nerd culture” in Japan. Deeply rooted in traditional Japanese art (some estimations trace it all the way back to the 13th century), it’s a form that uses simple, striking illustration and relatively straightforward storylines to explore far more complex themes, and facilitate intricate character work and world building. Aimed at most age groups, manga spans just about every genre from coming-of-age and relatable drama to intense romance and bizarre horror. The most popular series are frequently action-packed and brimming with exaggerated emotion. Having been boosted by the rise of streaming anime, manga characters and series are turning up more and more frequently in pop culture, and the communities that celebrate it are only getting bigger and more demographically varied.


…but history aside, what you need to know is this: manga has something in it for everybody and it’s very, very, cool.

 Why Come to Us for It?

Well, it is all about the range, value, service, and convenience. As our existing customers know (and if you aren’t one, we hope you’ll soon find out) these are things we pride ourselves on. With 86 stores across the country, we’re easy to find! We routinely bring books to you at excellent discounted and industry-beating prices. We’ll always do our absolute best to unite you with the books for which you hunger. And we make a point of stocking as widely and as conscientiously as we can.

But more than that, we are especially enthusiastic about engaging with passionate readers, nurturing readership, and spotlighting exciting new things. If this is your first experience with manga, we’ll make it a rewarding one. And if you are an established manga enthusiast, we’ll match you in your enthusiasm. It’s as simple as that.

Where Should You Start?

By visiting us at Comic Con Cape Town 2023, of course! What better way to get a taste for the art form than by fully immersing yourself in it right along with us?

Here are four of the popular manga series that we’ll be showcasing at the event. These are series with ardent fandoms, well-cemented credentials, and wide-spread appeal.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori is a high school student when he discovers that an age-spanning war has been raging right under his nose. Under everybody’s noses, in fact. Demonic supernatural creatures known as “Curses” secretly terrorise humanity from the shadows, their efforts just about curtailed by a powerful group of sorcerers. But the tide is turning, and when Yuji finds the dried-up old finger of a legendarily powerful Curse, he is drawn right into the bloody middle of it all.

The finger, and the demonic essence it contains, grants him the power to tip the balance of this ongoing war… but it has also made him the target of both sides. His only chance of survival is to enrol in Jujutsu High and figure out how to endure this raging battleground.

 Packed with supernatural action and steeped in high-stakes adventure. Jujutsu Kaisen is a great choice for those of you into elite clubs, occult sorcery and… certain doom!

Denji really only wanted to spend his life quietly, with the girl he likes. But that’s not how any of this goes. Denji and his pet devil, Pochita, are forced by the Yakuza to spend their days hunting down other devils (a sort of fear-eating supernatural parasite) in order to pay off their debts. But even that doesn’t last. Denji soon outlives his usefulness and is killed by the Yakuza. But… instead of dying, he somehow fuses with his pet devil and gains the ability to supernaturally transform parts of his body into chainsaws! And now he’s useful again. Possibly more useful than anyone when it comes to hunting down the most powerful devils out there.

Buddy comedy, gore, action, absurd powers and out-there visuals, Chainsaw Man is a gruesome, fabulous starting point for the manga-curious.

 Packed with supernatural action and steeped in high-stakes adventure. Jujutsu Kaisen is a great choice for those of you into elite clubs, occult sorcery and… certain doom!

This is one of the undisputable biggies. Having inspired a tv show, three films and even a stage musical, it has become a cultural force that even those new to manga might well have heard of.

When high school student Light Yagami finds a dropped notebook, he is initially amused by its chilling claims. But when he writes the name of a criminal in its pages, to see whether it really can do what it says it can, that criminal immediately dies. The notebook actually belongs to a rogue god of death, and Light is quick to recognise its power. Using the Death Note, he resolves to rid the world of corruption and wickedness. The police, however, catch on to his scheme and dispatch their most ingenious and tenacious detective to stop him.

Set in a world where 80% of the world’s population has gained superpowers of various value, called Quirks in the series, this favourite follows a young man, Izuku, who dreams of becoming a hero despite not having a quirk of his own. When he meets Japan’s greatest superhero, All Might, he is chosen as the legend’s successor. He will eventually inherit all of All Might’s abilities and realise his ultimate dream… but, of course, there are many who believe Izuku is not worthy of such an honour. And there’s also the hero training academy to get through first.

My Hero Academia has inspired several video games and has been translated into numerous international languages. It is a bona fide part of the superhero world in its own right

Come and See us at Comic Con Cape Town and Get In On The Manga Action!

We hope to see you there.