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The Evening and the Morning

Author: Ken Follett

The thrilling novel from the No.1 Internationally bestselling author Ken Follett.

An epic, addictive historical masterpiece that begins in 997 CE and is set againstthe background of the medieval church and one man’s ambition to make his abbey a centre of learning.

ISBN: 9781529059144

Price: TBC

Release date: 15 September 2020


All Rise: A Judicial Memoir

Author: Dikgang Moseneke

Law as a profession was not Dikgang Moseneke’s first choice. As a small boy he told his aunt that he wanted to be a traffic officer, but life had other plans for
him. At the young age of 15, he was imprisoned for participating in antiapartheid activities. During his ten years of incarceration, he completed his
schooling by correspondence and earned two university degrees. Afterwards he studied law at the University of South Africa

ISBN: 9781770105355

Price: R330

Release date: 1 September 2020


The Whistleblowers

Author: Mandy Wiener

Whistleblowers are seldom seen as heroes. Instead, they are often viewed through a negative lens, described as troublemakers, disloyal employees, traitors, snitches and, in South Africa, as impimpis or informers. They risk denigration and scorn, not to mention dismissal from their positions and finding their careers in tatters. The Whistleblowers shines a light on their plight, advocating for a change in legislation, organisational support and social attitudes in order to embolden more potential whistleblowers to have the courage to step up.

ISBN: 9781770107045

Price: R310

Release date: 1 October 2020


Reset, Rebuild, Reignite - Build Your Business To Thrive In A Crisis

Author: Pavlo Phitidis

A crisis means change. And for any business owner, change means opportunity.

There is nothing new about a crisis stalling or wiping out a business. The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit businesses globally does not feel any more or less devastating to the business owner than if their business was affected by the sudden loss of a dominant client, a trade war, burst water pipes halting operations, intransient employees or their product no longer being relevant to the market.

In Reset, Rebuild, Reignite, the second book from Pavlo Phitidis, his starting point is not how to avoid crises because some are inevitable. Instead, he shows how you can use any crisis to reset your business to get relevant, rebuild it to scale, and reignite it to accelerate growth by capitalising on the change and opportunities that any crisis brings with it.

ISBN: 9781770107885

Price: TBC

Release date: 20 August 2020


Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid 2: Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure

Author: Jeff Kinney

You’ve never seen the Wimpy Kid World like this before – an entirely new, awesome, friendly, truly fantastic fantasy quest from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney!

From the imagination of Wimpy Kid’s Rowley Jefferson comes an adventure of epic proportions! Join Roland and his best friend, Garg the Barbarian, as they leave the safety of their village and embark on a quest to save Roland’s mum from the White Warlock. Will our heroes survive? Find out in Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure!

ISBN: 9780241458815

Price: TBC


The Ickabog

Author: J. K. Rowling

The Ickabog is a fairy tale, set in an imaginary land, which J.K. Rowling says is ‘about truth and the abuse of power’. It was written as a read-aloud story, but it’s suitable for seven to nine-year-olds to read to themselves. The story will be translated into a number of other languages and made available on the website shortly after the English language version appears.

Price: TBC

Release date: 10 November 2020






Author: Hannes Barnard

Wat gebeur as jy die apokalips misloop? Rufus en Xandr het pas graad 10 klaargemaak en hulle ken mekaar van kleintyd af. Hulle het al talle eerstes saam beleef – om te sê hulle is beste vriende is ʼn understatement. Rufus, eintlik Ruth maar Xandr noem haar Rufus, se pa het egter besluit dat die gesin die land moet verlaat. Die vriende moet afskeid van mekaar neem en beplan om hul laaste eerste – die belangrikste eerste – saam te hê. Dis net hulle en ʼn ou Midge wat iewers in die Vrystaat in ʼn grot vir ʼn paar dae gaan bly. Sal hulle die plan kan deurvoer? Wat van die swart-en-oranje wolk wat op die horison verskyn? ʼn Grootwordroman met ʼn verrassende apokaliptiese wending.

ISBN: 9780799398861

Price: R220





Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: MinaLima Edition

Author: J. K. Rowling

An irresistible new edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone created with ultra-talented designers MinaLima, the design magicians behind the gorgeous visual graphic style of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. J.K. Rowling’s complete and unabridged text is accompanied by MinaLima’s handsome colour illustrations on nearly every page, superb design, and eight exclusive interactive paper-engineered elements – including Harry’s Hogwarts letter, the magical entrance to Diagon Alley, a sumptuous feast in the Great Hall of Hogwarts and more. Designed and illustrated by the iconic house of MinaLima – best known for establishing the graphic design of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films – this is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans and a beautiful addition to any collector’s bookshelf, enticing readers of all ages to discover the Harry Potter novels all over again.

ISBN: 9781526626585

Price: R765

Release date: 20th October 2020




The Fall

Author: Jen Thorpe

‘In a week Hector will be dead. I saw it in a glitch.’ When Thuli reveals her secret – that she can see up to seven days into the future – to seasoned local journalist Helen, the latter is highly sceptical of the student’s claims. But as Thuli truly believes that #FeesMustFall protest leader, Hector, will be assassinated by a sinister force, Helen starts to look into the matter. And what she finds is some very odd behaviour by the police sent to “keep the peace” on campus. Police sent by Noné, South Africa’s President and Most Impressive Leader, who wants no trouble from pesky students while she plans the launch of her zoo of creatures with extraordinary abilities.

ISBN: 9780795709579

Price: R320




Quirky Quick Guide To Having Great Sex

Author: Tiffany Mugo

How do you enjoy erection-free sex? How do you navigate consent? Is there a way of sending safe nudes? How do you have the hard conversations about sex?  Sex can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. In bite-size pieces of information, this guide will look all things sex and sexuality, busting myths and looking to upgrade the knowledge that you already have. It is the ultimate tool to help elevate your sex life.

ISBN: 9780795709449

Price: R270 




Last Survivor

Author: Tony Park

Joanne Flack is on the run – suspected of stealing a rare African plant thought to be extinct and worth millions of dollars.

Sonja Kurtz is hired by the CIA to hunt down Joanne and find the link between the missing plant and a terrorist group hiding out in South Africa.

Joanne is a member of the Pretoria Cycad and Firearms Appreciation Society who take it upon themselves to track down the plant … and the traitor in their midst who is willing to kill for it.

ISBN: 9781770107083

Price: R299

Release Date: August



Into The Sun

Author: Takalani M

In a village in Venda, Thandeka has a chance encounter with a business tycoon that offers her the words of comfort she has been longing to hear. They don’t exchange names but she is shocked to learn from a friend that he is a serial womaniser. Gundo is delighted when the beautiful woman he met in Venda shows up as a cleaner at his company in Johannesburg. He would love to get to know Thandeka better. He doesn’t realise that she has been misinformed about his identity and his intentions . . .

ISBN: 9780795709777

Price: R310

Release Date: 24 July 2020



Diary of a Wimpy Kid 15: The Deep End

Author: Jeff Kinney

In The Deep End, book 15 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney, Greg Heffley and his family hit the road for a cross-country camping trip, ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

But things take an unexpected turn, and they find themselves stranded at an RV park that’s not exactly a summertime paradise. When the skies open up and the water starts to rise, the Heffleys wonder if they can save their vacation—or if they’re already in too deep

ISBN: 9780241396643

Price: TBC


Manage Your Money like a Grown up: Teen Guide

Author: Sam Beckbessinger

Don’t you wish you’d started saving and investing when you were younger?

Well, this is the book that aims to get kids thinking about the basics of money, and lay the solid foundation in financial education that most of us never had. Featuring playful illustrations, jokes, and fun facts designed to appeal to even the most easily-bored youngster, Manage Your Money Like a Grownup: The best money advice for teens covers all the basics South African kids and teens need to know.

Informed by conversations with real kids and their parents, this book aims to equip kids with practical tips for earning and investing money at any age, and questions for kids to torture their parents with to spark lively dinner-table conversations.

ISBN: 9781776190324

Price: R160

Release Date: September 2020


Midnight Sun

Author: Stephanie Meyer

It’s here! Number one bestselling author Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the world of Twilight with this highly-anticipated companion; the iconic love story of Bella and Edward told from the vampire’s point of view.

When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.

This unforgettable tale as told through Edward’s eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger?

In Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love.

ISBN: 9780349003634

Price: TBC

Release date: August 2020


You Are Not Alone

Author: Greer Hendricks 

You probably know someone like Shay Miller. She wants to find love, but it eludes her. She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end. She wants to belong, but her life is becoming increasingly isolated.

You probably don’t know anyone like the Moore sisters. They have an unbreakable circle of friends. They live a life of glamour and perfection. They always get what they desire. Shay thinks she wants their life.

But what they really want is hers.

ISBN: 9781529010787

Price: R330



7 Ways - Easy Ideas For Every Day Of The Week

Author: Jamie Oliver

7 Ways to reinvent your favourite ingredients with more than 120 new, exciting and tasty recipes. Jamie’s looked at the top ingredients we buy week in, week out. We’re talking about those meal staples we pick up without thinking – chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, to name but a few. We’re all busy, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a tasty, nutritious meal after a long day at work or looking after the kids. So, rather than trying to change what we buy, Jamie wants to give everyone new inspiration for their favourite supermarket ingredients.

ISBN: 9780241431153

Price: TBC


Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Author: Yotam Ottolenghi 

In this stunning new cookbook Yotam and co-writer Ixta Belfrage break down the three factors that create flavour and offer innovative vegetable dishes that deliver brand-new ingredient combinations to excite and inspire.

ISBN: 9781785038938

Price: TBC


Cook, Eat, Repeat

Author: Nigella Lawson

COOK EAT REPEAT is a delicious and delightful combination of recipes intertwined with narrative essays about food, all written in Nigella’s engaging and insightful prose. Whether talking about the evolution and meaning of the recipe in ‘What is a Recipe?’ – ‘a recipe, much like a novel, is a living collaboration between writer and reader. And in both cases, it is the reader who keeps it alive’ – or exploring the heinous notion of the guilty pleasure in ‘Death to the Guilty Pleasure’, Nigella is by turns characteristically informative, intelligent, thought-provoking and amusing.

ISBN: 9781784743666

Price: TBC


To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Author:Christopher Paolini

To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars is a masterful epic science fiction novel from the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of the Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini.

During a routine survey mission on an uncolonized planet, xenobiologist Kira Navárez finds an alien relic that thrusts her into the wonders and nightmares of first contact. Epic space battles for the fate of humanity take her to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and, in the process, transform not only her – but the entire course of history.

ISBN: 9781529046519

Price: R330


Think Like a Monk

Author: Jay Shetty

In this inspiring, empowering book, Shetty draws on his time as a monk in the Vedic tradition to show us how we can clear the roadblocks to our potential and power. Drawing on ancient wisdom and his own rich experiences in the ashram, Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purpose that lie within all of us.

ISBN: 9780008355562

Release Date: 8 September 2020

Price: TBC


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