Staying Healthy and Fit During Social Distancing and Self-Isolation with Bargain Books

With the situation as it is worldwide, the social distractions and activities in which we would usually partake are not the option that they were just a little while ago. People throughout the world are practising unprecedented levels of social distancing and self-isolation until we are all able to kick this thing and resume our typical lives.

With gyms and other social forms of exercise no longer being as available as they were, it’s a good time to embark on some new fitness routines that you can do from home. While you’re at it, since many of us are avoiding restaurants etc., it would also be a good time to spruce up your meals and have a go at some new recipes. Here are a handful of bargain books and kits, which we have in high numbers, that’ll help you stay well and active. Check these out:

Exercise Sets

Stay in shape with these handy box sets. Pilates and Yoga are both excellent at-home activities for combating stress and keeping you limber, while Core workouts are perfect if you are used to going to the gym. Each of these sets includes an instructional book and DVD, and the Core and Yoga sets also include the necessary accessories.



Cookbooks and Home Remedies   

Power foods, Chilies and Anti-ageing recipes are all great options for the kitchen. Chilies are terrific immune boosters and, let’s face it, they do make just about all food more exciting. There are 100 recipes for you to try in that one. Power Food will keep you feeling vital and will introduce you to a whole lot of food benefits that you didn’t know about, while the Anti-Ageing Diet Cookbook will keep you full of energy. Disease Free is full of proven ways to help prevent and combat 75 common health complaints, and so is ideal for tackling niggling issues and problems from home.


Be wonderful to yourselves and each other. Stay safe, stay positive, stay busy.