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Top 50 Fiction

It Ends With Us
by Colleen Hoover

Price:  R230

With this bold and deeply personal novel, It Ends With Us is an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price.

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

Price: R199

The Alchemist ‘is a story with the power to inspire nations and change people’s lives


The End
by Dudu Busani-Dube

Price:  R329

The End is the final book of
The “Hlomu The Wife” Book Series.


by Chanette Paul

Price: R329

Moles is nie ongekend op Verlatenfontein nie. Moord ook nie. Inteendeel.

Titans of War
by Wilbur Smith

Price: R329

Global bestselling author of River God and The New Kingdom , Wilbur Smith, returns with the next epic book in his brand-new Ancient Egyptian series.

by Colleen Hoover

Price: R225

Featuring psychological suspense with an unforgettable twist, from the author of TikTok sensation It Ends With Us.

Ink Black Heart
by Robert Galbrath

Price:  R359

The latest installment in the highly acclaimed, internationally bestselling Strike series finds Cormoran and Robin ensnared in another winding, wicked case.


Ugly Love
by Colleen Hoover

Price: R230

From Colleen Hoover, the #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us

Love on the Brain
by Ali Hazelwood

Price: R225

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new STEMinist rom-com

7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Price: R240

The Sunday Times Bestseller & Tiktok Sensation soon to be a Netflix Film.

Where the Crawdads Sing
by Delia Owens

Price: R240

Where The Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story.

November Nine
by Colleen Hoover

Price: R220

You’ll never be able to find yourself if you’re lost in someone else.

The 6-20 Man
by David Baldacci

Price: R319

The 6:20 Man is a heart-racing thriller set in the world of high finance in New York, from the number one bestselling author David Baldacci.

All Your Perfects
by Colleen Hoover

Price: R230

A tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Love Hypothesis
by Ali Hazelwood 

Price: R225

My hypothesis is that the further I stay away from love, the better off I will be.

The Challenge
by Danielle Steel

Price: R340

The aftermath causes them all – adults and children alike – to re-evaluate their lives, for better or worse.

The Pride
by Tony Park

Price: R329

Ex-mercenary Sonja Kurtz is out for revenge after her daughter Emma is assaulted by an abalone poacher while on a beachside holiday near Cape Town.

by Lesley Pearse  

Price: R320

What happens when the person closest to you has led a life of deception?

The Murders at Fleat House
by Lucinda Riley 

Price: R329

A suspenseful and utterly compelling crime novel from the author of the multimillion-selling The Seven Sisters series, Lucinda Riley.

Sparring Partners
by John Grisham

Price: R329

A new collection of gripping short stories from the master of the legal thriller.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman
by Daniel Silva

Price: R319

Stylish, sophisticated, and ingeniously plotted, Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a wildly entertaining journey through the dirty side of the art world.

Twisted Lies
by Ana Huang

Price: R225

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! This is the final book in the Twisted series.

Cold, Cold Bones
by Kathy Reichs

Price: R299

In a profession like this, you’re bound to make enemies . . .

Twisted Love
by Ana Huang

Price: R225

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Read Twisted Love now for a brother’s best friend romance.

Children of Sugarcane
by Joanne Joseph

Price: R300

Vividly set against the backdrop of 19th century India and the British-owned sugarcane plantations of Natal

Hans hou sy lyf sherlock
by Rudie Van Rensburg

Price: R229

Hans van Kraaienburg is mos nie onder ’n kalkoen uitgebroei nie, en hy ken geldsake. Hý sal hom nie met ’n piramideskema laat vang nie . . . of hoe?

The American Roommate Experiment
by Elena Armas

Price: R240

the eagerly anticipated follow-up featuring Rosie Graham and Lucas Martín, who are forced to share a New York apartment.

The Spanish Love Deception
by Elena Armas

Price: R240

A wedding in Spain. The most infuriating man. Three days to convince your family you’re actually in love. . .

Lessons in Chemistry
by Bonnie Garmus

Price: R290

She’s daring them to change the status quo. Meet the unconventional, uncompromising Elizabeth Zott.

by Colleen Hoover

Price: R240

This book will consume you – rip out your heart and piece it back together

by James Patterson

Price: R299

He’s America’s most brilliant president ever. He’s also a psychopath.

Reminders of Him
by Colleen Hoover

Price: R419

A troubled young mother yearns for a shot at redemption in this heartbreaking yet hopeful story from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover.

Act of Oblivion
by Robert Harris

Price: R299

A spellbinding historical novel that brilliantly imagines one of the greatest manhunts in history

by Nora Roberts 

Price: R310

Harry lives a quiet, careful, rootless life – he can’t afford to attract attention or get attached – until he meets Miranda.

Twisted Games
by Ana Huang

Price: R225

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Read Twisted Games now for a steamy, angsty forbidden romance.

Carrie Solo is Back
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Price: R320

In this powerful novel about the cost of greatness, a legendary athlete attempts a comeback when the world considers her past her prime

An Italian Girl in Brooklyn
by Santa Montefiore

Price: R355

Dark secrets and hidden sorrows abound in Santa Montefiore’s spellbinding new novel set in war-torn Italy and the streets of New York.

Listen To Me
by Tess Gerritsen

Price: R269

Rizzoli & Isles return, in the nail-biting new thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen.

The Fine Print
by Lauren Asher

Price: R215

The first book in a series of spicy standalone novels featuring three billionaire brothers and the women who bring them to their knees.

The Song of Achilles
by Madeline Miller

Price: R255

A beautiful new limited edition paperback of The Song of Achilles, published as part of the Bloomsbury Modern Classics list

The Rising Tide
by Ann Cleeves

Price: R340

Vera Stanhope, star of ITV’s Vera, returns in the tenth novel in number one bestseller Ann Cleeves’ acclaimed series.

Quarter to Midnight
by Karen Rose

Price: R355

The first thrilling novel in a brand new series from Sunday Times bestseller Karen Rose, set in New Orleans.

Girl Forgotten by
Karen Slaughter

Price: R340

The stunning new standalone thriller from international #1 bestseller Karin Slaughter.

by Dibi Breytenbach

Price: R295

Markus Gerlach en sy kameraad Domingos Magadzi vlug oor die grens van Suid-Afrika na die noorde van Mosambiek

Twisted Hate
by Ana Huang

Price: R225

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Read Twisted Hate now for a steamy enemies to lovers romance.


Storm Tide
by Wilbur Smith

Price: R299

Multimillion copy bestselling author Wilbur Smith returns with a brand-new historical epic, set against the backdrop of the American revolution.


The Family Remains
by Lisa Jewell

Price: R299

Early morning, June 2019: on the foreshore of the river Thames, a bag of bones is discovered. Human bones.

The Silent Patient
by Alex Michaelides

Price: R225

Record-breaking thriller that everyone is talking about – soon to be a major film.

by James Patterson

Price: R299

In the new novel in the bestselling series, Detective Michael Bennett is searching for a former partner who has disappeared without a trace

Small Miracles
by Anne Booth

Price: R269

A charming, heart-warming story about three nuns who play the lottery to save their failing convent. It’s a story of friendship, community, faith and love.

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    Top 50 Non-Fiction

    Atomic Habits
    by James Clear

    Price: R349

    People think when you want to change your life, you need to think big. But world-renowned habits expert James Clear has discovered another way.

    Koos Bekker’s Billions
    by T. J. Strydom

    Price: R280

    With M-Net, Koos Bekker convinced the business world he had the magic touch.

    The Elephants of Thula Thula
    by Francoise Malby-Anthony

    Price: R329

    A powerful, gripping story about an extraordinary herd of elephants, and the woman dedicated to keeping them safe.

    Psychology of Money
    by Morgan Housel

    Price: R369

    Doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people.

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
    by Mark Manson

    Price: R269

    The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck is a refreshing slap for a generation to help them truly lead contented, grounded lives.

    Finding Me
    by Viola Davis

    Price: R329

    In my book, you will meet a little girl named Viola who ran from her past until she made a life-changing decision to stop running forever.

    12 Rules of Life
    by Jordan B. Peterson

    Price: R249

    12 Rules for Life is a lifeboat built solidly for stormy seas: ancient wisdom applied to our contemporary problems.

    One Simple One-Pan Wonders
    by Jamie Oliver

    Price: R449

    In ONE, Jamie Oliver will guide you through over 120 recipes for tasty, fuss-free and satisfying dishes cooked in just one pan

    The Profiler Diaries 2
    by Gérard Labuschagne

    Price: R279

    More riveting cases from the files of former police psychologist and bestselling author Gérard Labuschagne.

    48 Laws of Power
    by Robert Greene

    Price: R329

    The 48 laws are illustrated through the tactics, triumphs and failures of great figures from the past

    The Profiler Diaries
    by Gérard Labuschagne

    Price: R320

    The Profiler Diaries is a fascinating – and often hair-raising

    The 5AM Club
    by Robin Sharma

    Price: R299

    The 5am Club is a work that will transform your life. Forever.

    A Breed Apart
    by Johan Raath

    Price: R285

    Comprehensive and revealing, this book shows why these soldiers truly are a breed apart

    by Herman Lategan

    Price: R269

    Hoerkind is ’n aangrypende relaas oor verlies én oorwinning wat jou sal laat lag, en jou hart ’n paar keer breek.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    by Robert Kiyosaki

    Price: R169

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert’s story of growing up with two dads — his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad

    What Happened to You
    by Bruce D. Perry

    Price: R299

    Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain development and trauma expert, Dr Bruce Perry, discuss the impact of trauma and adverse experiences

    Voëls Van Suider – Afrika
    by Cillie Burger

    Price: R695

    Hierdie omvattende veldgids bevat nagenoeg 2 000 pragtige kleurfoto’s

    The 5 Love Languages
    by Gary Chapman

    Price: R269

    In the #1 New York Times bestselling book The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide.

    The Boy, The Mole, The Fox & The Horse
    by Charlie Mackesy

    Price: R369

    The conversations between the four characters in this book – the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.

    Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle
    by Hendrik Marais

    Price: R380

    Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive introduction that sets out his principles and practices for following a keto diet.

    The Art of War
    by Sun Tzu

    Price: R149

    Conflict is an inevitable part of life, according to this ancient Chinese classic of strategy, but everything necessary to deal with conflict wisely.

    The Power of Habit
    by Charles Duhigg

    Price: R229

    In The Power of Habit , award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries.

    The Stellenbosch Mafia
    by Pieter du Toit

    Price: R200

    Author Pieter du Toit begins by exploring the roots of Stellenbosch, one of the wealthiest towns in South Africa and arguably the cradle of Afrikanerdom.

    Manage Your Money like a F*cking Grownup
    by Sam Beckbessinger

    Price: R229

    The book you wish you’d had at 25, but is never too late to read.

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    by Stephen R. Covey

    Price: R329

    The 7 habits have become famous and are integrated into everyday thinking by millions and millions of people.

    How to Win Friends & Influence People
    by Dale Carnegie

    Price: R229

    This classic book will turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life.

    Elon Musk: Risking it All
    by Michael Vlismas

    Price: R280

    This unauthorised biography offers exclusive new information and first-hand interviews into the childhood that shaped the richest man on earth.

    Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before
    by Dr Julie Smith

    Price: R250

    A simple, positive, practical toolkit for better mental health, from clinical psychologist and TikTok star Dr Julie Smith.

    Who Moved My Cheese
    by Dr Spencer Johnson

    Price: R159

    With over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple parable that reveals profound truths

    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    by Robert Kiyosaki

    Price: R195

    Teaches you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial success

    Man’s Search for Meaning
    by Viktor E. Frankl

    Price: R149

    A book for finding purpose and strength in times of great despair, the international best-seller is still just as relevant today as when it was first published.

    Air-Fryer Cookbook
    by Jenny Tschiesche

    Price: R320

    An air-fryer is the latest kitchen must-have and this is the recipe book to go with it!

    by Melinda Ferguson

    Price: R320

    Melinda Ferguson is the bestselling author of her addiction trilogy: Smacked, Hooked and Crashed. She is also an award-winning publisher.

    Start With Why
    by Simon Sinek

    Price: R240

    Because in business it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it.

    Woman Evolve
    by Sarah Jakes Roberts 

    Price: R280

    Woman Evolve teaches women that they can use failures and mistakes to break through to their future.

    Birds of Southern Africa
    by Cillie Burger

    Price: R695

    The complete photographic guide incorporates the latest photographs of, and research and atlas information

    Rhino War
    by Johan Jooste

    Price: R350

    Humbly, honestly and decisively, Jooste tells of the successes and failures of his bold strategy, and shares his vision for the future.

    Hosting with the Lazy Makoti
    by Mogau Seshoene

    Price: R289

    The highly anticipated new cookbook from South Africa’s award-winning and bestselling cookbook author and chef.

    Think Like A Monk
    by Jay Shetty

    Price: R289

    Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purpose that lie within all of us.

    The Anglo-Boereoorlog in Kleur
    by Tinus Le Roux

    Price: R350

    In die Anglo-Boereoorlog of Suid-Afrikaanse Oorlog het die twee Boererepublieke van Transvaal en die Oranje-Vrystaat teen die Britse Ryk te staan gekom.

    Freezing Order
    by Bill Browder

    Price: R330

    Freezing Order is a stirring morality tale about how one man can take on one of the most ruthless villains in the world.

    No Retreat, No Surrender
    by Oscar 

    Price: R300

    In this book, Oscar relives some of his most exhilarating and nail-biting races, and shares the lessons he has learnt

    Think And Grow Rich
    by Napoleon Hill

    Price: R249

    Napoleon Hill, America’s most beloved motivational author, devoted 25 years to finding out how the wealthy became that way.

    Fashion Design Course
    by Steven Faerm

    Price: R510

    A fully updated, third edition of this essential practical foundation course in fashion design.

    by Tom Bower

    Price: R360

    Tom Bower, Britain’s leading investigative biographer, unpicks the tangled web surrounding the Sussexes and their relationship with the royal family.

    by Hector Garcia

    Price: R350

    It’s the Japanese word for a reason to live or a reason to jump out of bed in the morning .

    Atlas of The Heart
    by Brene Brown 

    Price: R475

    In Atlas of the Heart, Brown takes us on a journey through 87 of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human.

    The Richest Man in Babylon
    by George S. Clason

    Price: R159

    This is the business book that holds the secrets to keeping your money–and making more.

    by Magda Wierzycka

    Price: R300

    In this book, Magda shares the life lessons and business principles that have driven her and brought her success.

    Scatterling of Africa
    by Johnny Clegg

    Price: R360

    Scatterling of Africa is that origin story, as Johnny Clegg wrote it and wanted it told.

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